The Mother Dolorosa Society was formed to honor those who desire to leave a lasting legacy and have included FSHA in their estate plan. The Mother Dolorosa Society encourages donors to think beyond their lifespan to make sure that the mission and vision of FSHA continues and thrives. There are a number of ways to include FSHA in your estate plan and receive tax advantages.

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The Pink Side of Planning: Why Every Woman Needs a Current Will

If You Are Married...

When you die without a will, the state determines how to divide your property. A will spares your spouse from unnecessary legal hassles and offers peace of mind during a time of grief.

If you and your spouse die at the same time, a will can create a trust for your children's benefit until they are old enough to manage their own assets. It also gives you the opportunity to name a guardian for minor children, rather than allowing the state to make such an important decision.

If You Are Single...

A will gives you the opportunity to provide for the people who matter most to you-an elderly or ill parent, a disabled relative or a devoted friend. It is also the perfect opportunity to assist organizations you have supported throughout your lifetime. In addition, you can indicate who is to receive certain highly prized personal possessions or family heirlooms and name an executor to settle your estate properly.

If you are widowed or divorced and have children, a will can indicate your exact plans for their welfare and the management of their money.

What Your Will Can Do

Your will is the foundation of your estate plan; it also allows you to incorporate tax-reducing methods that let you make a bigger difference for those you love. These methods can include the unlimited marital deduction, a trust designed to minimize taxes and charitable giving plans.

If you are like many women who make a difference in their community through gifts of time and money, your will allows you to continue that tradition while offering your estate generous federal tax benefits. Certain gift plans even allow you to pass an income to loved ones for life or a period of years before passing to us.

Don't wait another day to create or update your will! We are happy to help you design a plan that integrates your philanthropic heart with your personal wishes!